Whether you’re moving to Randburg or Sandton, Roodepoort or Kempton Park; living in an apartment complex or security estate in Johannesburg is a popular choice. When planning your move, you’ll need to find out from your estate Home Owners Association whether there are any limitations or restrictions on trucks and moving companies entering the complex. In this article we’ll discuss a few things you’ll definitely want to consider.


Restrictions on Truck Size 

Some complexes restrict large trucks from entering. One of the chief reasons for this is that HOAs are concerned about damage that large, heavy trucks can cause to the road surface or infrastructure below. Most estates have restrictions based on a vehicle’s load-bearing capacity, measured in tons (eg 3-ton truck). The truck’s capacity information is located on the licence disk. This is usually checked by estate security before the truck is allowed to enter the complex. Many complexes don’t permit trucks over 3.5 tons to enter the estate. Regulations vary from complex to complex so we advise that you contact your HOA and let Two Men and a Truck know about any restrictions so that we can prepare for your move. Although load-bearing capacity is the most common metric used to restrict access, some estates restrict access based on tare weight (weight of the vehicle when empty) or GVM (weight of the vehicle when fully loaded).


Single-axle vs Double-axle

Some estates in Johannesburg don’t allow double-axle trucks to enter the complex. Happily, all TMT trucks are single-axle so this restriction won’t affect your TMT move. If using another moving company, confirm with them whether the truck will be single- or double-axle.


Height Restrictions

Some complexes have height restrictions. The height restriction might be natural, such as overhanging trees, or man-made, such as an entrance gate. Keep in mind that trucks can be 3-4 metres in height. This will need to be considered when arranging your move.


Width Restrictions 

We seldom encounter problems with entrance gates or access roads not being wide enough. Most modern estates in Johannesburg are designed to allow for delivery trucks. But if you suspect that the truck might be too wide for the entrance, you should find out the width of the entrance and let TMT know so that we can assign a suitably-sized truck to your move.


Day and Time Restrictions

Two Men and a Truck operate 362 days a year, 7 days a week, including public holidays, from 8am to 6pm. However, some estates don’t allow moving companies to enter the premises on particular days or times. When planning your move, make sure that the moving team will be allowed to enter the complex.


Registered-Delivery-Only Restrictions 

Some security estates require homeowners to get permission and schedule a time with HOA for their move. Let your HOA know about your planned move and ask if there is anything you need to submit to them for approval.


Make use of our Shuttle Service 

If for any reason our trucks are not allowed into your complex, we do offer a shuttle service, which can be booked in advance. On move day, our large truck will park outside the complex and a smaller truck will shuttle your goods between your home and the large truck. Our shuttle vehicles are closed so that your goods will be secure and protected from the elements during the shuttle. 


Whether you’re moving into or out of a complex or estate in Johannesburg or Pretoria, consider all these factors listed above. Make sure to provide your moving company with the details required so that we can ensure you have a smooth and successful move.


Happy Moving!


Posted on Dec 01, 2021