We are operating under level 3-4 for home moves, business/office moves, and deliveries.

If you are moving across provincial, metropolitan or district lines you will still need a permit (link below) as per level 4 regulations.



Moves are permitted during level 4. The previous cut off date of 7/06/2020 is no longer valid and moves can happen after this date.

Moving is now permitted for both households and businesses under level 4.

If you are moving across provincial, metropolitan or district lines you will need a police-issued permit. Find the form at the url below.




Please submit the following documents when booking your move:

1) transfer document or lease agreement

2) police permit

3) proof of payment

To apply for your police permit, you will need to to know our vehicle registration number and number of movers.



There has been an ammendment to level 4 regulations permitting people to move between 7/05/2020 and 7/06/2020, assuming level 5 isn't reinstated. We will begin operating from Monday 11/05/2020. There are a few qualifiers around who can move so please check that you qualify. You will need a permit from the police office. In addition, you will be required to have on hand a copy of your leases with a date before/during lockdown or transfer documents from before lockdown. Please read the requirements carefully here:


The Johannesburg branch will remain CLOSED until further notice.



The Road Freight Association has formally submitted a letter requesting that moving companies be allowed to operate immediately. The RFA reported that the letter was received favourably and further suggests that change is imminent. This might mean that moving will soon be allowed, perhaps before level 3. We await a response from government.



A national removal company has instituted a court case against the government to represent the dire situation of people who need to move and challenge the level 4 regulations with the hope of allowing moving to occur.



Household removal was not included in the level 4 regulations. We have made the decision to not take new bookings until moving companies are allowed to operate.

Posted on May 01, 2020