Welcome as a first-time client to Two Men and a Truck!
With us your move will not only be a seamless, stress-free experience, but a delight.
In case you haven't heard of us (most people discover us through word-of-mouth referrals), or haven't read on-line reviews of our service (we're one of the highest-rated South African companies in any industry by Google review), here's a little info:
What you need to know about us:
The quality of our service is unmatched.
We pay fine attention to creating a delightful experience leading up to your move and on move day.
We're obsessed with creating the perfect business that works in a highly efficient manner. This efficiency ensures that our prices are far lower than what they should be for the level of service.
What clients LOVE:
Professional, friendly team members.
Lightning fast moves.
Goods safely handled with care.
The value and quality that you get for the price.
Easy-to-use on-line quote generator that allows you to build a quote to suit your needs and budget.
Our TMT Guarantee against damage (included FREE on all moves, we're the only moving company in South Africa with such a guarantee).
Through web technology, we're excited to bring elite service to a larger number of people and at an affordable price.
We hope we can work together with you to create a brilliant move experience.
Well done for finding us. All you need to do now is to get started with a quote.
We've created an easy-to-use quote generator on our website. You simply enter your move details and see the price instantly. You can play around with the details like box packing and so on, or click on different dates, see the prices in real time and customise the quote to suit your needs and budget.
It is possible to fast track the process. If you have a list of items to be moved already, you simply need to enter your addresses, paste the list into a field on the ITEMS page, and then select your date on the last page.The process can take less than 2 minutes. We’ll then need to calculate the quote on the backend. You won’t see the price instantly, but we will get back to you shortly with the quote.
I'd like an accurate, free Instant Quote please!
Get a free instant quote here. Fill out your details, see your quote in real time on our website and if you're happy with the quote it's easy to book from there.
I have a list of items in a document, help!
Click here, fill out your addresses and other details. On the items page, you can copy/paste your list into our 'custom items' field on the page. Complete the form and we'll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. 
I'd prefer a quick Rough Estimate for my move!
Click here and get a rough estimate in less than a minute!
If you need any help, just let us know!
Posted on Jan 10, 2023