Previously, we discussed 5 Reasons to Hire a Moving Company. Below we go much deeper and  discuss 3 big reasons to hire a moving company instead of doing the move yourself. These 3 reasons explore how hiring a moving company for your move can result in greater feelings of joy, connectedness and alignment with what you value most.


Your time is better spent elsewhere 

Time is a nonrenewable resource. The best use of our time is usually in the domains of work, family, friends, and communities. Doing your own move would, for most people, not be a good use of this precious resource. People who use a professional removal company for the first time are often shocked by how quickly the move can be completed. What would take a person a whole day to do by themselves (and often done over multiple days) can take a team of expert movers only 90 minutes to complete. When you hire a professional moving company, you’re buying time to do the things that actually matter in your life and bring you joy. 


Tension with loved ones

In the stress of a move, tensions can boil over and result in conflict with loved ones. Bickering, blaming, and other expressions of frustration and worry lead to being in conflict with others, which can in turn increase the stress we’re already experiencing in preparing to move. Increased stress leads to more arguments and you can quickly find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle from which it’s hard to get out. Two Men and a Truck handles the details of your move during preparation in addition to doing the heavy lifting on move day. By seeking the support that a moving company like TMT can bring to your move, you get to completely avoid a lot of the situations where conflict with loved ones is likely to arise. Instead of acting out against one another, you can be unified and support one another during the process of the move.


Your move should be a joyous occasion

A move is a result of some change in your life. Whether you’re moving to a beautiful new home or have just finally decided to get rid of some items and declutter, it’s a cause for some celebration, gratitude and joy. But dealing with the nitty gritty logistics of the move is not fun at all. It can be anxiety-provoking, tiring, emotionally draining and stressful. So what should be a celebration becomes a nightmare. TMT is devoted to transforming this stressful, unpleasant experience into a joyous celebration full of light and excitement. Mark the auspicious occasion of your move by hiring a moving company so that you have the time to reflect on what this change might mean for you and your family. Consider the steps you’d like to take at this opportune time to change your life for the better. Contemplate the opportunities the move presents for deepening relationships; for making money and serving your community; of new possibilities for connection and friendship and health. Whatever change this move represents to you, big or small, there is an opportunity for advancement and personal growth. It's a truly wonderful time. But if you’re stuck in the minutia of doing your own move, how could you be expected to have the time and energy to look at the bigger picture? At TMT we take very seriously what this move can mean for our customers in the broader context of their lives and take on the responsibility of focusing on the minutia so that our customers are free to experience the joy of moving.


Aside from practical and financial reasons to hire a moving company like TMT, there are broader and deeper considerations to factor into our decision making as to whether hiring a moving company is right for us. Consider what kind of move you'd like to have.

Posted on Nov 01, 2023