The first of our top moving tips from Cape Town’s favourite moving company, Two Men and a Truck, is to start early. Preparing for a move always takes longer than you think. It’s true for almost everyone that it will be a rush to get it done on time. But giving yourself the time to think through your move, from the existential considerations to the practical elements, can make your move a successful and uplifting experience.

A move is a change. Why not take this opportunity to become a new version of yourself? Why not take this opportunity for your life to become a new expression of your aspirations and ideals? We are all bound, to an extent, by our surroundings and environment. A new environment is a new opportunity to be a new you. Take some time to think about how you might use this opportunity for personal growth.

Practical tips-

-Start looking through your stuff, in cupboards, shelves, the garage and storeroom. Think about what you want to keep and what you don’t.

-Moving to a new home is an ideal time to buy new furniture or appliances. Decide what you will do with your old items.

-Consider the size and storage space of the place you are moving to. Will all your items fit? Will you need more items or will you need to downsize? 

-As soon as you know you are moving, start collecting boxes. You can see our article here for where to get moving boxes. 

-Who needs to be told about your change of address: family, friends, banks, creditors, or government agencies?

Thinking through these things, you will begin to come up with a plan for your move. It doesn’t need to be specific yet, but you should start to get a picture of what the move will entail. 

Change is always hard; there is an element of feeling out of control. It’s empowering when you are proactive in designing the change, to the extent possible. Think creatively about how you want to begin your new life. Moving is a wonderful opportunity to make a change in your life: to shed the old and adorn the new.

Moving will always be somewhat stressful for you. Start the planning early. Being well-organised and having a vision of your new life can make for a liberating and hassle-free move.

Posted on Mar 13, 2018