In this article we offer tips to help you prepare your larger items for your upcoming move. 


Big 4 TIPS for large furniture

  • MEASURE the doorways, stairs, lift door and inside the lift to ensure all items will fit. If your items won’t fit, they may need to be dismantled or hoisted (see below).
  • Remove all items from the draws and cupboards and pack those loose items in boxes. Large items won’t be moved unless they’re empty.
  • Loose shelving inside a unit may need to be removed and travel outside the unit to avoid any damage. Ensure you remove the shelves before transport and make sure you know which shelf goes in which furniture item.
  • If you have a key, lock the doors so that they don’t swing open during the move, but KEEP THE KEY HANDY, in case it needs to be opened for any reason. (Pro tip: put the key in a ziplock bag and tape the ziplock bag to the furniture item)


Two Men and a Truck provides packing blankets and mattress sleeves to protect the larger items during transit at no extra cost to you. However, what happens if you need extra protection for Gran’s antique dresser? Here are some options and useful tips for larger items in your home.


Bubble Wrap

Buy a roll of bubble wrap, readily available from many suppliers, and some tape, if you would like extra protection for your goods in transit. Alternatively, Two Men and a Truck can bubble wrap your items on the day of your move for an additional fee. Simply select which items your want wrapped during your quote request or speak to one of our bookings coordinators. 


Plastic Sleeves

We put mattresses in plastic sleeves to keep them clean during transport. We reuse these sleeves, so they wear out over time. If you would like to guarantee that you get a brand new sleeve, select the mattresses and bases you want wrapped during your quote request, or speak to one of our bookings coordinators. If your goods are going into storage, we strongly suggest that you contact us to purchase sleeves.



Some large items need to be dismantled to fit in lifts, down stairs, or through doorways. If you’re going to dismantle and reassemble the item yourself, here are our top three tips:

-Make sure you have the instructions

-Take a photo of the item(s) before dismantling it so you know how to reassemble it

-Keep the screws, bolts, allen keys and other components in a ziplock bag and tape the bag to the furniture item


Alternatively, Two Men and a Truck can dismantle/reassemble your items for an extra fee if you let us know in advance. (Pro tip: our guys have a simple toolkit so please make sure you have the right tools on hand)  



Some items are just too big to fit in a lift or stairwell and will have to be hoisted over a balcony or out a window.  There are special criteria for this and we recommend getting the professionals to arrange this. NOTE: just because 2 men can carry something, it takes at least 6 men to do a hoisting job!  Contact us to arrange a team of professional hoisters.


Preparing large items by following these tips will lead to an easy and stress-free move.


For tips on how best to pack a box click here.



Posted on Mar 10, 2020