So, you’re moving. This can be a very exciting time but also very taxing and stressful. I’ve moved so many times I can barely count them, so, I’ve written a few hints and tips below which may help ease the pain of it all. After you contact your Cape Town removal company, follow these tips for a smooth, hassle-free move.

Cape Town removal company tips: prepare

  • Keep all your local advertisements / suburban newspapers to wrap all your fragile goods.
  • If you shred paper at your office (or know people who do), collect it all in big bags. This is so useful, especially when packing glass/crockery. I always layer the bottom of my boxes with this when I’m going to pack glass goods.

Cape Town removal company tips: packing

  • Try and leave only essential items unpacked. Especially at least a week before your scheduled move. If you are not currently using it, pack it or give it to charity. This is an IDEAL time to get rid of unused items and have a good old clean out. It’s not always easy to get rid of things, but if you haven’t used it in months (or even years), chances are you are never going to.
  • I use my larger plastic containers (especially ice cream tubs), to keep all my spices, soup packets, toothpicks etc. The smaller things are then also self-contained and won’t spill all over into your packed goods. It makes sense then, that these would relate to each room. E.g. Bathroom – pack some towels/ bath mats, at the bottom. Then use either plastic shopping bags (or ice cream tubs) to contain the loose items in your bathroom cabinets / shelves, layering them on top of your towels. In this way, the items pertaining to the room you are packing are grouped together. Therefore it’s easier to put them into place in your new home.
  • I also use the tubs / shopping bags to put my cutlery into, inside the box. so it's easier to put these items away once unpacked into the relevant room/drawer.

Cape Town removal company tips: packing glassware

  • Don’t waste your time washing dusty glasses and cups that may not have been used for a while before packing them. You will just need to re-wash them when they are unpacked. In addition, newspaper print etc., can make them dirty.
  • When packing glasses, don’t just wrap them individually. Also scrunch paper up and fill each glass with the scrunched paper. I had at least 15 boxes during my last move with glassware and did not have ONE broken glass using this method.
  • Layer paper in-between your saucers and plates and then surround about 5 at a time before packing (preferably on top of your shredded paper).
  • If you run out of shredded paper, use your tablecloths/small blankets/linen to line the bottom of the boxes for glassware. Then layer the glass in-between. This is dual purpose and a safety measure for your glassware.
  • Start with the bigger dishes and fill these with smaller glasses like tot glasses/ tea cups etc.
  • Be careful not to put too much glassware into one single box – this makes them very heavy. Instead, put glassware in the box till about half full, then fill with your Tupperware/plastic containers. Try and stick to items relating to the room, this will make it easier when unpacking items and putting them away in the related room.

Cape Town removal company tips: get organised

  • It’s very important to mark each box as you pack it. I find using a notepad helpful. I write 1,2,3.... etc. on each box and then 'Paige’s bedroom', or ‘kids’ bathroom...etc. Then on the notepad, I write the corresponding box no. and the gist of the contents of the box so that I know which boxes I want/need to begin unpacking and which ones can wait for a while.
  • This is especially helpful if your kids are at school. This way you know exactly which boxes need to be unpacked first so that they have all school related books/uniforms etc. available when required. Same goes for work clothes, essential kitchen items etc. Pack them last and unpack first for a smoother transition.
  • Start using any meals you may have frozen to prevent having to throw out food that becomes defrosted.
  • Curtains - try and wash these a couple of weeks before you move. I know it’s a pain to wash and re-hang them, especially when you know you are moving. It does, however, make a difference knowing you can re-hang them in your new home and they’re already clean! If you do take them down to launder them, take that time then to clean the railings whilst they are off. Firstly, because you don’t want any accumulated dust/dirt to dirty your clean curtains And secondly, because then it’s already done when your home is empty. It’s one thing less you have to clean before you leave. I know not everyone does this (from experience) but personally, I think it’s an honourable thing to do. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do when moving into your new home is to have to clean the place before you can begin unpacking! If it’s something you would like when moving to a new home, then start by doing it yourself when you leave yours (just saying)!

I hope you have found some of my tips useful and although moving is a taxing time, I think ultimately, it’s all about starting way ahead of time (you will be amazed at how long it can take to pack). The sooner you start, the less stress it will cause in the long run. Remember to get the best Cape Town removal company, Two Men and a Truck, for a hassle free move!

All the best with your Cape Town move.

Yours in great service.

Patricia Gardner
Bookings Co-ordinator – Two Men and A Truck

Posted on Dec 10, 2016