When planning your move, one of the things you want to know is how long will the movers take to complete the job. As the details of each move are completely unique to that move, it’s impossible to state with absolute accuracy how long your move will take. Having said that, a typical 3-bedroom house will take 2-4 hours to move (for a team of 5-6 movers). The contents of a small flat can be moved in 1-2 hours, while a large 5-bedroom home could take the whole day with the moving team doing more than 1 trip.


These are a few factors that will impact how long your move will take:


Are you organised and ready for the team?

Have you neatly stacked all boxes to one side and labeled them clearly? Is everything packed and ready to be placed on the truck? Is it clear for movers which items need to be taken and which, if any, are to remain? This has a tremendous impact on the time it takes to complete your move. Being well-organised can take many hours off the total time needed for your move.


Extra services

If you opt for our extra services like box packing/unpacking, wrapping, dismantling/reassembly, or hoisting, it will add to the time required for the move. However, making use of our optional extra services will actually save you time overall. Our professional movers can pack and wrap much quicker than the majority of our customers can. What might take you 2-4 hours to do in wrapping and packing before your move, we can complete in 30 minutes on the day. Get a quote for your move and add optional extras for an idea on costs.


Flights of stairs/Lift

If you live in a building where the moving team will need to use the stairs or lift, this will slow the move down. Moreover, buildings with fewer lifts that need to be shared amongst all occupants will extend the time needed to complete the move.


Travel distance to your new home

The further the truck must drive with the contents of your home from your old place to the new, the longer the move will take. Further considerations include whether the truck will encounter traffic on the way (like during rush hour times). 


We have completed a move of the entire contents of the 3-bedroom house in under one hour and thirty minutes. Although this is not the norm, customers are often surprised how quickly we complete their move given how careful we are to not damage anything. Our professional movers are highly trained and experienced so that they can get the job done in short order. We know moving can be a challenging time. That’s why we go to great lengths to make sure we deliver the best experience possible. Our professional movers handle customers with the same care they do customers’ furniture, working with kindness and levity. With TMT, move day might even be fun for you! 


Posted on Feb 02, 2024