Two Men and a Truck- Moving Company, Cape Town, was founded on the belief that we could deliver a better service than any other moving company in South Africa. Hence, the vision was for a convenient and effortless customer experience, from booking to moving, that just worked. So for the customer, moving should be simple and hassle-free. And it should just work the way it is supposed to each and every time. Two Men and a Truck started with 2 men and a bakkie advertising in local newspapers. We soon built a small group of die-hard customers who loved how we did things. These customers supported us as we invested in another vehicle and hired more staff. It has been the combination of fantastic customers and incredible staff that have helped us grow towards our vision.

Our ethos at Two Men and a Truck is Consistent Professional Care. We believe we are the best moving company because of our experience and expertise, combined with genuine care. Care for our customers and their possessions, care for our company and care for each other as team members. We strive to care through our professional service in a consistent way which means that each customer has the same perfect experience each and every time we meet.

Moving Company, Cape Town

It takes more than one man to do a move. So at Two Men and a Truck, we have to be a team. For the team to function it needs to live by certain standards. The standards we choose to hold ourselves up to are honesty, integrity, fairness, and hard work. Everyone is held to these standards; including the customer.

We believe the work we do should have meaning. And for us, that meaning is to invite a group of people with diverse skills and talents and backgrounds to join our team to create a service business that works the way it is supposed to. A business that reflects our beliefs of common decency, honesty, and dependability. That allows us to manifest our vision in the physical world and help all the people we come into contact with in a meaningful way each and every time.

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Posted on Sep 27, 2015