Predicting how many moving boxes you will have on move day is as much an art as it is a science. Well, our experience has shown that most people have no idea how many boxes they will have when the movers arrive on move day. As a result, it’s likely that before you start packing, you will greatly underestimate the number of moving boxes that will be packed and ready to go.

You may consider using our professional box packing service or our box delivery service. On the other hand you may want to find and pack your own boxes.

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Factors to consider:

1) House size - The more rooms your home has, the higher the number of boxes for you to pack.

2) Number of people - More people equals more boxes

3)Lifestyle - People occupy a range of attitudes towards the possession of material goods.


First of all, go through your home, room by room, to begin the process of estimating how many boxes you will have. Start in the kitchen, then the bedrooms, counting linen, dressers and cupboards.

Then look in the lounge/dining room and office/study counting books, files, CDs/DVDs, desks, sideboards and knick knacks.

There are at least a few boxes of things from each bathroom. Next check the garage. Are things already boxed?

Finally check the passageway cupboard or storage room as well as any other space where your goods could be hiding.


Size of your home Estimate number of boxes
500 sq foot (50 sq metre) 20-40 boxes
1000 sq foot (100 sq metre) 30-50 boxes
1500 sq foot (150 sq metre) 40-60 boxes
2000-3500 sq ft (200-350 sq metre) 50-100 boxes
Posted on Sep 19, 2016