You may consider using our professional box packing service as well as our box delivery service. On the other hand, you may prefer to find and pack your own moving boxes.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to getting moving boxes and packing supplies for your move. First of all, simplify your move by knowing your options and making the best choice for you.

First, though, here are some things for you to consider:

Cost vs convenience-

First of all, cost savings are often offset by increased time spent sourcing decent moving boxes and packing materials.

Quality problem-

Another concern is that low quality boxes could tear, break or be crushed, damaging your valuable items.

Optimist prime-

However, you can indeed find decent quality boxes for free if you are willing to commit the time.

Hassle factor-

Most importantly of all, preparing to move usually takes longer than anticipated for most people so you should figure out whether your time is best spent knee-deep in cardboard looking for a good size box. Rather spend your time on more beneficial tasks.

Below is a list of alternative moving box suppliers

A suitable solution for you is likely to be found in one or more of the options below.

Recycling depot:

Oasis Recycling

Lansdowne Road, Claremont.

Operating hours: Mon to Fri: 8 am - 3.45 pm Saturday: 9 am - 1.45 pm.

This recycling depot has 2nd hand boxes which you can sort through and take for free. Availability varies and you might not find the quality, size or number of boxes you need. As a result, there is the chance that you will waste a trip there and not find what you are looking for. Therefore, this option is suitable for people on a tight budget and with plenty of time.

Major retail supermarkets:

If you go to the delivery area behind large chain supermarkets, you might find used boxes that you can take for free. Availability varies and you might not find the quality, size or number of boxes that you need. This option is also suitable for people on a tight budget with plenty of time.

L&B Scrap and Recycling

Tide Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925.

Phone:021 448 5395

Operating Times: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm.

This recycling depot offers used boxes at a low cost. They have a large supply of boxes for you to sift through and choose from. Size and quality varies but it's likely you will be able to get any number of moving boxes of reasonable quality that you need. On the down side, there are no card facilities so you should take some cash.

Beaconvale Recycling and Packaging

C/O Jan Smuts & Connaught Road, Unit 9, Beaconvale, Parow.

Phone: 021 932 2323/ 021 932 2376

Operating Times: Mondays - Thursdays: 08:00 – 16:30 Fridays: 08:00 – 15:00.

Beaconvale have a selection of boxes suitable for moving and a choice between new and used boxes. We recommend buying second hand 600X400x400mm-size double walled cartons and their new/un-used single wall cartons of the same dimensions. They also have packing supplies such as bubble wrap, box tape and packing paper. On the down side, there are no card facilities so you should take some cash.

Packit Packaging Solutions

354 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, Cape Town, 7404.

Phone:021 511 8780

At Packit, you can buy single wall new boxes, bubble wrap, plastic sheets (for wrapping), box tape and packing paper at premium prices. You can order boxes and supplies online and they will deliver for free to both northern and southern suburbs. Only single wall cartons are available. The major benefit is that you can purchase online and receive a free delivery which saves you time and petrol. This is the priciest option, however.

Eco box

Phone: 021 447 2044

You can rent plastic Ecoboxes, which are a standard (600x400x400mm) size, through the company's website. They deliver your boxes before your move and collect them after the move. The boxes can be stacked and stored easily. The hard outer shell means items are less likely to be damaged during moving. They supply labels for boxes as well as security seals to keep boxes shut during your move. You can also buy bubble wrap and packing paper when ordering their boxes. Because Ecoboxes are re-used, the company markets itself as being environmentally friendly. Although Ecoboxes are a pricier option, the fact that you can order online, and they deliver and collect (for orders over a certain number of boxes), the time savings potentially justify spending more.

Where to get boxes and packing supplies:

  selection quality price Time/labour
Recycling depot unknown 2nd hand (low) free high
Supermarket unknown 2nd hand (low) free high
L&B large 2nd hand (low-medium) low medium
Beaconvale standard 2nd hand and new medium medium
Ecobox standard Reused (high) high low
Packit standard New (high) high low

TMT tip:

In conclusion, L&B Scrap and Recycling is the choice of price sensitive customers while Ecobox is the choice of busier customers.

Full disclosure:

Two Men and a Truck (Pty) Ltd has no affiliation to any of the above businesses. This article offers suggestions to help you find a packing materials supplier. Please contact these organisations directly for further information and assistance.

Finally, If you would like to make use of our box packing service or box delivery service, please contact us.

Posted on Jun 15, 2016