TMT Guarantee - If we break or damage something,
we'll repair or replace it.

(see our T's&C's)

Best of the Johannesburg Moving Companies - Two Men and a Truck

We are one of the top Johannesburg moving companies.

We specialise in home moves, office moves and mini moves. We also offer wrapping, hoisting, dismantling-reassembly, empty box delivery and box packing as required.

We've been doing furniture removals since January 2013 and are now one of the top moving companies in Johannesburg. Our growth has been largely due to word of mouth - in other words our previous customers tell their friends about their great experience with our bookings team and moving teams. 

Have a look at our Google, Facebook and Hellopeter reviews to see what our customers say about our Johannesburg moving company.

Another key difference between us and other Johannesburg moving companies (besides our review ratings) is that we are the only furniture moving company in Johannesburg to offer a guarantee of free replacement/repair of goods damaged by us during a move (see our terms for more details). We can confidently do this because we know that everyone who works at our Johannesburg moving company shares a strong team ethic of care and responsibility for your possessions. Sometimes mistakes can happen during moving, but we're big enough to own up and do the right thing if something goes wrong.

Of all the Johannesburg moving companies we are also the only one who can give you an instant quote online. What's more, if you like the quote you can securely book and pay for your furniture removal online, with your VISA/Master card, without speaking to anyone. This is a first for moving companies in South Africa (and as far as we can tell, the world!). 


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