At Two Men and a Truck, we’re interested in helping our customers find solutions for their moving needs. When we heard about a young start-up with a new concept for storage space we decided to find out more.

Mike and Dan are Cape Townians who co-founded Wahi Space Share.

Wahi is essentially an online marketplace. A ‘host’ with extra storage space in her home, garage, business or factory can offer her space to ‘renters’ browsing the website. The hosts set their own price and rules. Renters can search the website’s options, looking for a size, location and price that suit their needs.

Wahi is a South African iteration of this peer-to-peer space-sharing model that has already been tested successfully overseas.

In recent years, self-storage companies have sprung up everywhere. People are looking for conveniently located storage units with easy access to goods.

Benefits for you

Wahi recognises that it’s not only the big storage companies that can service this market. Anybody with “underutilized resources” (space) can participate.

The benefit for hosts is that they can turn their unused space into a supplemental passive income stream. Renters benefit from greater choice in storage options. They can find an option that better suits their needs in terms of location, size, access, and price.

The Wahi website is easy to use. For peace of mind, the company takes various security measures to protect both hosts and renters. Keeping your valuable possessions at a stranger’s premises would have been unheard of 10 years ago. But peer-to-peer platforms like Airbnb have demonstrated that current technology can enable safe peer-to-peer transactions. Furthermore, the market could be lucrative for hosts, while at the same time, affordable and convenient for renters.

Wahi spaces aren’t limited to storing your household goods.  Garages and parking bays are also available. You can even find business solutions like warehousing for your business’ seasonal demand.

It’s totally free to list your property and you set the rules about price, access and term length. Wahi only starts charging once you start receiving income (2.5%) so there’s nothing to lose.

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For more information check out their website FAQ section here.

[Full disclosure: Two Men and a Truck has no financial interest in Wahi Space Share.]